I Only Have Your Picture

by Guest Writer, Helen Mercer-LuffmanFB_IMG_1492266510970

We miss you more than words can say
No time can ease our pain
To live each day without you
Is like grass without the rain.

It’s like a flower without the sunshine
A fish without a river
The cold without a blanket
This thought just makes me shiver.

To have your arms around me
To feel warm again inside
To have you sit beside me
Would bring back so much pride.

But all we have are memories
And nothing is the same
For I only have your picture
Close by me in a frame.

An angel now in heaven
We will forever treasure
The love for you, our hearts can hold
No one can ever measure.


About the Author

Helen lives in a small town in the province of Newfoundland, Canada.  Her and her husband, Brian, have two beautiful teenage daughters, and some pets.  Helen’s Mother, Rita, passed away from cancer in 2006.