How to Find Love and Hope in a Desolate Place

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The modern world is a foreboding and dangerous place with different predators roaming the streets. Criminal minds are looking for their latest victims so that they could further their own selfish needs and horrendous desires. And that is why a lot of people are sleeping with one eye open and they are constantly looking over their shoulders to keep themselves relatively safe all the time. And these people are really having a hard time when it comes to trusting other folks because even the devil can hide behind innocent smiles and friendly handshakes.

But this doesn't mean that people should shun society altogether and live alone for the rest of their lives in isolation because they experienced horrible things, sometimes even in the hands of the ones who should be loving and protecting them. It is perfectly understandable that victims of violent and heinous crimes like home invasion, rape or even murder are unable or reluctant to reclaim their life and live to the fullest. And no one can blame victims of different types of abuse if they find it hard to trust other people again after all the pain and misery they have been through.

There is always a silver lining to the dark clouds that come their way because they are never alone even when they feel like no one can possibly understand what they are feeling. No one is ever truly alone and there can be rainbows and sunshine after the heaviest of rains. Here are tested and proven tips that they can try for themselves so that they can pick up the pieces of their life. It is time to move forward with true happiness and security as well as the firm resolve that their terrible past and experiences can never stop them from experiencing a great future ahead.

1. Keep a Memoir

Victims of abuse and violent crimes hold back when it comes to detailing and sharing their ordeals with other people because of mixed feelings of anger, shame and even guilt. They fear that they will be judged based on their past and their mistakes because others will not fully understand the hell on earth that they have been through. And that is why it is important for them to have an outlet where they can pour their hearts out and vent their feelings to prevent them from exploding and decaying inside. A journal, diary or even a personal memoir will suffice so that they can look back and plan ahead at the same time without relieving the horrible memories inside their head.

2. Join Support Groups

But sometimes, even putting down your thoughts with the help of pen and paper is not enough because victims need the assurance that everything will be alright despite the horrible experiences they went through. They need to realize that even if the world is not all rainbows and butterflies, it is not all bad either. And that is why they need to join support groups and meet new people who have been through similar experiences and life-changing events to prove that there is a chance for a good life despite their tragic ordeals. Sooner or later, after seeking the help, guidance and comfort that they need, they can give back by doing the same for those who are still struggling with their own demons inside.

3. Adopt a Pet

For people who just find it really difficult to trust human beings or form new relationships because the wounds on their body, mind and soul have not fully healed yet, they can go to the local shelter to save the life of a pet. This may seem shallow or superficial at first but you will be amazed that the life you saved today may in turn save your life in the long run. Being responsible for the pet they saved from kill shelters can give victims the second chance, hope and love for life that they have been looking for. Also, animals are honest with their feelings, non-judgmental and they can very well fill the gaping hole and dark void inside the hearts and lives of their owners.

There are more ways to find the light once again and people who have been through hell and back just need to stay strong and keep a firm resolve until they can stand on their own two feet again. The scars will always be there but what doesn't kill them can really make them stronger. Finding love and hope in this desolate place is not impossible but it has to start from within to be genuine and truly long-lasting.


Madison Fields is a survivor and she will not let anything or anyone in this world stop her from living her life to the fullest. When she is not busy giving dissertation help to her fellow students and struggling friends, she loves to volunteer in the local youth center. She wants to spread love and hope especially to hurting and lost people who feel that they have nothing in this world to live for.

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  1. Madison, I read this yesterday and wanted to leave you a message back but found myself wanting to think of just the right thing. I have done the three things you suggested at least once, writing my story took the sting away from the abuse, and I am currently in a great support group, Your blog inspired me to write one of my own called trust and boy is it going deeper then I had intended, but I am hoping it will serve to help me and others. I'll let a know where it's posted if you would like to read it. Right now what I can say is thank you for writing here for opening up and for sharing.